Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Vehicle OPS

Home and Vehicle Defense with Trauma Life Saver Course
This is one of our more exciting courses. This is a high speed low drag no holds driving course. This course covers evasive and attack procedures with vehicles. Stops and go. High speed maneuvers and tactical elite advance driving techniques and tactics. Students will learn planning and implementation of defensive and offensive protection procedures for vehicles. Initial blocks will be held at an air strip and race track. The course will cover manipulation and shooting skills updates and review using the vehicle as a platform. It also includes blocks of classroom discussion about ballistic protection and tactical medical care, with material presented by a tactical emergency medicine specialist on gunshot wounds, emergency care under fire, and the selection and preparation of a trauma first aid kit.
Handgun long gun format. Tutorials available for machine gun applications.
Nominal 300 rounds of ammunition.

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