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Welcome To Montana Shooting Institute

"There is no substitute for victory, we train to win!" MSI mission statement.

"Jus Ad Bellum " MSI slogan (Latin) and philosophy. 

MSI is Veteran Operated educational and charitable organization whose mission is to advance the American Heritage of Service to our nation, state and community by honoring, educating and encouraging others to step up and defend the freedoms, liberties and Sovereignty of this Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. MSI does this by partnering with military members and veterans through a variety means. 100% of the money given or spent with MSI goes directly to our Veteran programs. The MSI youth shooting course is taught by our veterans to promote safe and accurate shooters and is one of our most successful programs to date.

MSI has a two part Mission. Serving Military Veterans and encouraging Military veterans to continue to serve through MSI partnerships.

The first mission is to assist Military veterans in community life through honor and support. We have assisted in many ways and are always seeking new opportunities to do so. We are proud of our outdoor fellowship program that unites prior and current serving military on Montana outdoor adventures. MSI is extremely excited to partner with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks programs that help disabled and wounded veterans obtain often difficult hunting and fishing tags. We team these proud warriors with current serving and prior service members on sponsored hunts and fishing trips to unique locations in Montana. This is a time of adventure, healing and camaraderie. We welcome any veteran and can accommodate any disability. If you are a veteran or know of one who could value this adventure with us, please contact us.

MSI second mission is to recruit military veterans to partner with MSI community education programs. From teaching our local youth safe and accurate firearms courses to educating EMS personal to new advanced and effective battlefield Life Saving techniques and equipment. This program provides a pathway for Veterans to use their skills and training to build a small business educating others.

We encourage you to take MSI courses, volunteer to serve and donate into one of the MSI outreach programs (Youth Shooting, Veteran Outdoor Adventure, Veteran Assistance and Veteran-to-Teacher mentor and Training programs).

Basic Patrolling '101' Course "Winter Warrior 2018"

January  .....$550

Cost includes: Lodging, Food, Blank Ammo, Sim Ammo and some classroom materials.

What a Deal! 

Location is 45 miles west of Kalispell, 40 miles east of Libby off of MT Hwy 2 at a Private Resort among the Thompson Chain of Lakes. Travel time is estimated 1 hour.

Lodging is heated and comfortable 4 bedroom cabins. Class is in a large Conference center and training is conducted on site and in the rugged Montana wilderness that surrounds the location. 

This is a fun and exciting 2 1/2 Day course taught in the austere Montana Cabinet Mountains

by seasoned veterans from Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations.

Students are Required to bring all items listed on a packing list given out upon sign-up, which includes personal gear and rifle/carbine. Physical requirements is the student should be able to walk 1-mile with a 35 pound pack without stopping in 20 minutes (3mph). There is some tactical shooting and students must be safe, attentive and able to accurately at close range fire their patrol rifle/carbine. 100 rd. count minimum.

Sign-up prior to: Oct. 5, 2017 (Thurs.) Registration: Oct. 6, 2017. (Fri.) 1400 - 1900 at Facility Course Starts: Oct. 6, 2016. (Fri.)1900 

Course time line:

(Friday). 1900 - 2200  *Students are not required to stay at facility, but tuition includes lodging.

(Saturday) First Call 0600 (Student Free time 0600 - 0800) Breakfast 0630- 0730 /1st Class 0800- 1200 / Lunch 1200-1300 / Patrolling 1300 - 1700 / Dinner 1700 - 1800 / Class 1900 - 2200 * Times not slotted for training are student free time for recreational, travel and sleep.

(Sunday) First Call 0600 (Freetime/Chapel 0600- 0800) Breakfast 0630 - 0730 / 1st class 0800-1000 / Patrol 1000-1200 / Lunch 1200 -1300 / Final Patrol for grade 1300-1500 / Graduation 1600

Learn how to:

-Operate in small teams to Larger size elements.

 -Equip, Plan, Conduct, Lead and Execute a Successful Patrol.

-Defend and Survive against Hostile Ambushes and attacks.

- Gather, control, analyze, disseminate intelligence on patrol.

-Identify and maneuver around booby traps, IED's and other traps. 

-Tracking and scouting skills as a member of a Recon Patrol.

-Use of camouflage, cover and concealment during patrolling ops.

-Security, prisoner capture, search, detention, and movement.

-Treat life threatening Injuries and sustain life while on patrol.

-Communication techniques: Hand & Arm, Voice, Signal and Radio.

-Organization, Tactics, Training Tips, Equipment and SOP's critical to a Patrol.

-Land navigation with Map, Compass and GPS. How to identify terrain Features.


We hope to see you at one of the most exciting courses you will ever attend!


Basic Rifle Course December ....$250

 CWP Course December ......$150 

You will learn and qualify under current requirements to apply for a Montana Concealed Weapons Permit, PLUS Tactical Defense training provided. Firearms and ammo available.


 Early Bird Price Register before November 30.

Early bird price is: Rifle $200 and CWP $100 a session. 

Receive a $50 discount when you join early.

We accept all forms of payment, if paying by card please call.

NEXT Close Combat Course, December.

Instructor: Seth Berglee & Mike Hebert

Learn to operate your handgun with extreme effectiveness! Taught by one of America's premiere instructors, Seth Berglee. A US Army Sniper and one of the key developers and instructors for the Special Operations new Close Quarters Combat (CQC) system, Seth has just recently completed a stint on the US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), the Official Shooting Team. He has spent years competing on the international level and training our nations most elite operators. Now you have the opportunity to learn and train with him.

Sign-up for one, two or all four sessions. 

 Session 1: Basic to intermediate Close Quarters Combat fundamentals with handgun.  Handgun 250 rounds (8am-10am)  2 hour

Session 2: Intermediate Close Quarters Combat with handgun. Learn cover and concealment, firing positions, individual drills, CQC, combat mindset, host of important skills required to a survive gun fight. Handgun 250 rounds  (10am-12noon)   2 hours

Session 3: Intermediate & Advanced CQC individual drills, weapon transitions, fire & maneuver & Room clearing.                           Multiple threat engagement, small unit tactics.         Long gun 150 rds.        /       Handgun 250 rds.     (1pm-3pm)         2 hours

Session 4: Advanced CQC drills, scenario based training and operational deployment planning and defense. Concealed Carry techniques and handgun manipulation. Team Operations.        Long Gun 150 rds. /  Handgun 250 rounds         (3pm-5pm)                        2 hours

If you are a beginner or novice shooter and want to take this class we have assistant instructors to individually coach you. We use a crawl, walk, run method and our goal is to not just get you standing on your own, but to get you running with your gun!

Shooting more rounds does not mean you become a better shooter. Practice does not make perfect, it makes habits. Sloppy practice makes sloppy habits, and perfect practice makes perfect habits.

  1. This class has Four sessions: Session 1 is required to take session 2. Session 2 is required to take session 3 & so on.

Equipment List:

  •  All 4  sessions you will need to bring 1000 rds Pistol / 300 rds Long Gun

  • Rifle sling (required, single point not recommended), must be able to secure Rifle/Carbine to the body

  • Weapon cleaning and lubrication equipment w/ cleaning rod (Rod to ram-out stuck cases)

  • Holster for pistol (NO Miami Vice Shoulder holsters) must be positioned to not sweep others when deploying

  • Full wrap eye and ear protection (Electronic muffs recommended)tinted lenses are ok but must be ballistic rated

  • Minimum of 4 pistol and 5 rifle mags in secure carriers/pouches that allow quick recovery for drills

  • Magazine pouches for pistol and rifle (recommend Chest Carrier or Battle Belt)

  • Rain Gear (We operate rain or shine) Hat, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Knee and Elbow Pads (optional)

  • Drinking water (Hydration Reservoir Recommended), minimum of 1 gallon (4 quarts) clean clear water.

  • Pen and paper or device to write good notes (Absolutely no video or digital recording by students)

  • Cash, check or credit card (rent or purchase materials, gear and armor. call ahead on this.)

  • A learning & open mind with a Safe Attitude! (Your mind works like a parachute, only when it is open!)

  • Be in reasonable shape to shoot and move throughout the day. Call if you have any injuries or disabilities. We can work with you and instruct around them. We designed this course for all levels of shooters to walk away with increased knowledge and ability. We expect you to be a better shooter, operator and individual after this course. See you there!


Close Quarters Combat with handgun



Local Tactical Ranges in

 Bigfork, MT.  

Billings, MT.


$50 for session 1 Time:  0800 - 1000

$50 for session 2  Time: 1000 -1200

 $50 for session 3 Time: 1300 -1500

$50 for session 4  Time: 1500-1700

or $150 if you sign up for all Four sessions Before Jan. 1, 2017.


Class Size: 25 MAX students

Contact MSI-Tactical for registration information @

 See you there!
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